Here are a few pictures from our showroom. Please click on the arrows to see all of the different images.


This is where we’ll meet you and guide you thru your rental. Notice the LED uplighting on the white wall behind us ! You can of course rent these here.

Martin MX1 kit:

This kit is composed of 4 lighting effects controlled by a special remote, giving you the possibility to make these lights do what you want.

Rane Serato & technics MK5 turntables:

With this little black box, you can control via turntables or cd players your MP3 files stored in your computer. Ask us for a demo !

Sound Showroom:

from left to right: Pioneer CDJ400, Pioneer DJM400, Pioneer CDJ1000, Technics MK5, Rane Serato, Pioneer DJM800, Technics MK5. Come and try these out !


Here at DJ-R, we want you to be comfortable and we want you to take your time while we discuss your needs and show you everything.

DMX lighting:

here you can see 2 beems from our brand new Martin smartmacs. Other DMX lights and controls (like the GrandMA micro) are of course available to rent.

The worlds best CD players:

if you ask a DJ what CD player he wants, he will tell you Pioneer ! One can scratch or play your favorite MP3 tunes.

First-class gear:

Here is one of the latest and the most demanded mixing table from pioneer, the “DJM 800”. You can also see 2 Martin smartmacs moving heads in the background.

We give you advices

As soon as your needs are clearly established, we submit you a quotation. Of course it's free.

Lighting showroom:

We’ll be glad to show you all of our lighting we offer in close to real conditions. From left to right, Martin Trex, MX1s and Showtec Clubroller.